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How to become a member of Circolo della Caccia Bologna

Circolo della Caccia only accepts members who have reached the height of their career, professionals and business people who have achieved the full extent of their expression. None of the members are here because of their parents: those who become members do so based on their own worth and what they do for the city.
Here below are the forms for proposing new members to Circolo della Caccia and the articles of association that govern the procedure.

Download the Proposed Members Form

Download the information form for the proposed member

Art. 19

The proposals for the admission of new Members shall be written on suitable printed form and signed by two Members-proposers. The proposals shall be equipped with suitable information on the candidate. These proposals, after a first examination of the Board, shall be kept at disposal of the Members by the secretary office. The Members shall be informed thereof through notice put up in the Club rooms. They shall have ten days, after examining the single names, to draw up confidentially possible comments to the Chairman. After this period, the proposals examined by the Board shall be put up in the Club rooms and kept there for at least ten days before the day fixed for the voting. The Board shall communicate through letter sent in time to all Members the names of the candidates as well as the day fixed for the voting that shall take place in the registered office from twelve until 10 pm. The admission of the new Members shall occur through secret voting. The voting shall be executed through stamped cards with printed names of the candidates and of their corresponding proposers and near each name there will be a blank box. Each voter shall sign on proper register by the collection of the card and its envelope. The voter shall express his vote in favour with yes and his opposing vote with no, that shall be marked in the proper blank box near the candidate’s name and then he shall put the card into the ballot box under closed cover.
At the beginning of the voting the ballot box shall be sealed in front of two scruteeners elected by the Board. The legal number for the voting validity is at least of fifty voters. Failing this number, the voting shall be done again with the same procedures simply through new notice.

Art. 20

The count of votes shall be effected in public immediately after two scrutineers shall have closed the voting. An opposing vote annuls four in favour.
In case of equality, the candidate is admitted. By the end of the count the cards shall be eliminated. The minutes concerning the voting shall be signed by the two scrutineers. The not-admitted candidate can be proposed again only two years after the voting.

Art. 21

The occurred admission of the new Members shall be notified through notice to be posted up in the Club rooms. Each Member shall receive an admission letter with enclosed copy of the Statute and of the Rulebook.